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2003 | 3:AM Magazine

What could be more post punk than Zacatecas? 3:AM goes with two poems by Ian Christopher Hooper.


2003 | In Posse Review

Zacatecas infiltrates webdelsol.com again, this time with Ian Christopher Hooper's "Ghost Story in 4 Parts."


2002 | Mississippi Review

Zacatecas returns to the deep south, this time with Ian Christopher Hooper's poem "El Cortez" (under the title, 'At night I can hear the darkness...')


2002 | Exquisite Corpse

Zacatecas appears on the pages of Andrei Coderscu's infamous mag via A. C. Koch's short story "The Muckracker."


2002 | In Posse Review

A.C. Koch's "The Problem with Imaginary Food" puts the stamp of Zacatecas in their Issue 9.


6/2001 | Red Booth Review

A.C. Koch submits his poem "Blue Train" to editor W.T. Pfefferle's Red Booth Review. It's accepted for issue seven. Hooper submits his poem "The Night is an Abacus" and it's accepted as well. Everyone else we know who submits is rejected.

Zacatecas makes it look so easy.


2001 | Mississippi Review

Check it out: A.C. Koch's short story 'These Are My Demands' is here.


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