Akira "Acky" Murakami is a professional puppeteer and filmmaker from Fukuoka, Japan. His short films featuring homemade puppets have screeened at festivals in North America and Europe, but he is also known as the pen behind the underground comic Confessions of a Very Punk Rock Guy. He lives and doodles in Brooklyn.

Tolu Ogunlesi was born in 1982 in Edinburgh to Nigerian parents. He is the author of the poetry collection Listen to the Geckos Singing From A Balcony (Jacobyte Books, Australia). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in A Melody of Stones (PEN Anthology of New Nigerian Writing 2003), Sentinel Quarterly, Inkpot, Mississippi Review, and The Guardian (Nigeria), among others.

Former freelance photographer Maurice Oliver turned to poetry after an eight month journey around the world, during which he collected his work in his journal. His poetry has appeared in Word Riot, Tryst3, Slow Trains, and The Potomac Journal, among others. He presently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Hector Carbajal-a writer, historian and activist born and raised in El Paso, Tejas- is currently at work on a book of poems titled Fragments of Memory/Fragmentos de Memoria: Queer Poems de la Frontera. His poems and essays have appeared in El Ocotillo, Frontera/Norte-SurThe Thing Itself and This Bridge We Call Home: Radical Visions for Transformation (Routledge 2002).  

Born in Algeria, Amari Hamadene has been published widely in magazines and anthologies in France, Belgium, Switzerland, including Phreatique, Le Jardin D'essai, Parages, Hautuers, and Liaison, as well as in a myriad of online journals.

California-based Wayne Wolfson is a member of the American Academy of Poets and a prolific cyberpoet. His webpage is here.

James Owens lives in La Porte, Ind., with his wife and three children. When not pursuing marginal employment on the fringes of academia, he wanders the big dunes at Lake Michigan. Black Lawrence Press will publish his first full-length collection of poems in spring of 2005.

Steve Finbow writes out of London. His fiction, essays, poetry and stuff can be found on Big Bridge, Eyeshot, 3AM Magazine, The Guardian Online, and Word Riot, among others. He writes the biweekly column Pond Scum for Me Three, and assures us he is currently working on a novel.



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