Vol. 7 featuring Dave Fromm, Rich Furman, Susan Henderson, Tamara Sellman, Radames Ortiz, Charlie Mehrhoff, John Craun, and Matt Demo.












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Vol. 6 featuring Dave Barringer, Gavin Dunnet, Zack Beede, Linda Boroff, L.F. Beaucher, Jim McCurry, Stephen Oliver and John Bryan.

Vol. 8.1 featuring Miriam Sagan, Lala Cruz, Claudia Smith, Terrence dunn, Liesl Jobson, Tiff Holland, and Debbie Coleman.

Vol. 5 featuring Charlie Mehrhoff, Ace Boggins, Maria Arellano, Raymond N. Fuentes, and Jackson Carter.

Best of Volumes 1-4 (Best of the Thieves' Press years) featuring Elizabeth Knock, Charlie Mehrhoff, Daniel Nagrin, Kell Robertson, Todd Moore, Richard Loranger, Marcus Palmer, Darla Dalsing, Gregory Greyhawk, and more...