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New Mexico resident Miriam Sagan is both a prolific poet and teacher. In 2003 she was Writer's Digest's poetry columnist and (more spectacularly) appeared in our editors' list of favorite poets. Her web page is here.

Back in 1995, Claudia Smith was just a simple English teacher in China, but in the here and now she's a promisng new voice w/ stories appearing in Salt River Review, Pindeldyboz and Zacatecas.

Terrence Dunn works in Manhattan and lives north of the city with his wife and children. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of Big City Lit in 2003.

Liesl Jobson has had her work published online in Exquisite Corpse, InkPot, and in print journals New Coin, Timbila and New Contrast. She is a communications officer for the South African Police Service in Gauteng Province.

Living in Wondervu, Colorado with her son and geographically-oriented pet hamster, Hong Kong, Lala Cruz writes poetry at her kitchen table. This is her first time in print (electronic or other wise).

Debbie Coleman is about to complete her MFA at Texas State University. She lives and works in Austin, Texas. This is also her first publication.

Tiff Holland teaches creative writing at Kent State. Her work has most recently appeared in Literal Latte, Exposure, LitPot and Poetry Midwest, and she has a longer story scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue of Sulphur River Literary Review.

Charlie Mehrhoff lives far away from all cities with his wife Nora and his daughter Isabelle. "We continue to work, to learn, to constantly discover and hone our voices unique so that we may praise all creation for the gift of being. Nothing else or less."

His new book, A Farewell of Sorts, is available for $12.00 from Hummingbird Press, c/o

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