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Zack Beede writes, "I would like that to appear under the pen name of Zack Beede. Here's the bio: Am I really here? My locks have grown grey, sharp set with months of longing, waiting to live again under the Mexican sun."

Jim McCurry was born in Hawthorne, CA, edited DELIRIUM in the Seventies, and-- having recently gone online-- has poems appearing on websites Big City Lit and Cyber Oasis, and soon to appear in print or electronic format at Drought and Snow Monkey. 

Stephen Oliver's recent book, Night of Warehouses: Poems 1978-2000, covers five volumes and spans two decades. He has published in innumerable print and online publications, including Trout, Turbine, Zuzu's Petals, and SoMa Literary Review. His web page is available here.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Linda Boroff was a Chesterfield 2001 semifinalist and Moondance 2001 quarterfinalist. Her fiction has appeared in Epoch, Prism International, Cimarron Review, Artisan, and others.

David Barringer's second story collection, The Human Case: 29 Stories, was recently published by Brainpan. He has written fiction for Epoch, Nerve, Wisconsin Review, In Posse Review, Outsider Ink, and many others. His website is here.

Scottish writer Gavin Dunnet speaks Spanish and lives in the American Southwest, but has always been interested in the Scots dialects of his native country. His new novel, Almost Perfect, is set in Edinburgh.

John Bryan lives in Canberra, Australia and has been published in various journals such as fourW, Centoria, Unlikely Stories, Little Brown Poetry, The Blue Mouse, Gnome, The Doomed City, and Pulsar Poetry Magazine.

L.F. Beaucher doesn't like answering biography questions. If pressed he'll confess to graduating from the Concordia University Creative Writing program in Montreal. He worked for eight years in the corporate world before packing off to South Korea, where he now resides under mysterious circumstances.