First edition 1991. First online edition 2001. Zacatecas: A Review of Contemporary Word (formerly Thieves' Press) was founded with the purpose of broadening the perspective of contemporary English fiction.

Molly Bowers, fiction editor

Lorri Frisbee, poetry editor

Ian Christopher Hooper, web editor

Nicole Frisbee, assistant web editor

Fátima Acevedo Aguilar
David Koerner,
Benji Fogelberg,
Vicente Rodríguez Cervantes, advisory board

Correspondence (including submissions) should be sent to:


Zacatecas c/o
Coordinación de Inglés
Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Zacatecas
No. 16 Avenida Pedro Coronel
Guadalupe, Zacatecas 98000

Zacatecas welcomes unsolicited submissions of fiction, as well as poetry and other works. Click here for the submissions guidelines

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