I N S I D E:

..."Dinner music," he says. "We're not punkrock anymore..."

...Loco on a receipt in 70's script, whiskey and tax $12.95, thank you, gracias...

...imagination: a tool sharpening itself against itself...

...The woman in room thirteen is called Marķa and is cataleptic. We think she would have died long ago, except she's also epileptic...

a division of You're A Trigger Finger w/ A Righteous Cause, Inc.

fiction by

A. C. Koch
Steve Roth
Jackson Carter
Roy Allahades

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Copyright © 2001 by Zacatecas.

poetry by

Maria Arellano
Ace Boggess
Raymond N. Fuentes
Charlie Mehrhoff
Christopher Mulrooney
Philippe Tapon

Volume 5, No 1