The Summer 2001 issue is our first edition online, and our first under the name Zacatecas: A Review of Contemporary Word. If both funding and copyright permission can be secured, we hope in the near future to be able to digitalize some of our previous ink-and-paper issues. In the meantime, click here to return to our current issue.
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Vol. 4 featuring Charlie Mehrhoff, Roy Allahades, Steve Roth, Andre Nossmat, Robin Colwell, Josiane Nguyen, and Robert F. Smith.

Vol. 1 featuring Roy Allahades, Henry Iblis, Elizabeth Knock, Charlie Mehrhoff, Daniel Nagrin.
Vol. 3 featuring Kell Robertson (featured poet), Gregory Greyhawk, Zo Harper, James Taylor III, Todd Moore, John Wright, Dylan MacDougall, Richard Loranger, Marcus Palmer, Roy Allahades, Darla Dalsing, A.C. Koch.
Vol. 2 featuring Darla Dalsing, Gregory Greyhawk, Carolyn Hart, Henry Iblis, Charlie Mehrhoff, Patricia Mishler, Kell Robertson, Steve Roth, Tiffany Urrechaga.